21st Century Grant - Power Hours

21st Century Community Learning Centers

Ridgedale POWER Hours Programming

Dear Rockets:
You may have heard that our district received the 21st Century grant....this is such great
news and an awesome opportunity for Ridgedale! We will be using these funds to host
Ridgedale Power Hours for Junior High (6th-8th) and 3rd-5th grades in the Elementary!
The POWER Hours program will be taking place both before and after school with the goal
of helping all of our students in academics, behavior and social/emotional ways, in a
structured but laid back and fun environment. This is going to be a GREAT way for our
students to connect in smaller groups and build relationships, all while helping to boost
their in-school success!
We will be hosting MORNING POWER HOURS for both Junior High (6-8th) and
Elementary (3-5th) from 6:30-8am. AFTERNOON POWER HOURS will be for both groups
from 3-5 pm Monday-Thursday (no afternoon hours on Fridays). Students will need to be
picked up promptly at 5 pm.
This programming will be starting up VERY SOON on October 17th with an enrollment
period only lasting a few weeks (you can enroll through October 28). Keep on the lookout
for information so you can get your student(s) signed up for this great opportunity!
I can’t wait to see you there!

Melissa Weston
Program Manager
Ridgedale Local Schools